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LED RECESSED DOWNLIGHT KITS – Perfect for Homes, Offices, Retail, Healthcare and more……..


Nystrom Electrical Contracting offers LED Downlight Kits that put out a white light; perfect for any home, office, retail area, healthcare facility and more.  Installation is an easy process and can be done quickly!  The gimbal feature is adjustable to a 30 degree tilt, making it a perfect fit for slanted ceilings, as well.


One of the kits offered is in a dimmable option.  These kits were recently placed in a home, in which the owner shared the below pictures.  The light can be dimmed down to 10% of the full light emitted, with compatible dimmers. 


We highly recommend going the LED route with your lighting needs.  CFL lamps are on their way out; LED is the way of the future!  These particular fixtures use less energy (a savings on your energy bill) and last 25 times longer than incandescent lamps.  They do not need to warm up; they come on instantly and do not get hot to the touch! 


If you would like a quote on what it would take to retrofit your home or business with these fantastic kits, please call us at 605-224-8750 or email lisa@nystromelectric.com and she will get you to the appropriate person.



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